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"Easy and affordable. This is the multi-room challenger we have been waiting for."

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Made Ultra Easy

The MULTIROOM SYSTEM is a wireless speakers package composed of a Base speaker and Satellites speakers (max. 4).
The Base is multipoint, you can connect 2 Bluetooth® phones/devices simultaneously.

You can enjoy music from any musical internet website or from device’s music library (phone, tablet, computer, portable laptop or music player) supporting A2DP Bluetooth® pro le. You can also use the 3.5 jack input line on the Base.

The MULTIROOM app allows to adjust the volume of each connected speaker, to activate/deactivate, change speaker name. 

Easy like 1,2,3

Installation of your MULTIROOM System

1. Plug the Power Supply to the wall outlet and connect it to the base. Satellite(s) will be able to connect even if the Base is switched off .

2. Plug each Power Supply to the wall outlet and then to the Satellite(s). Switch the Satellite(s) on. In a same set, Base and Satellite(s) are already associated together.

3. The music player must be connected to the Base via Bluetooth® or 3.5 jack. Select play on your device. Music will be heard on all active speakers. Even if the Base is switched off , music will still stream to the satellites . 


Pack No. 2   299.00

B+1 | Base + Satellite



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1 Base + 1 Satellite

Multi-room System Pack 2 is a speaker system of two speakers (1 Master Speaker and 1 Satellite speaker). This is ideal for living room + kitchen speaker system setup or the like. You can add up to three more Satellite speakers later in this basic bundle.

If you want 2 satellite speakers instead, please checkout our Multi-room System Pack 3. 


Pack No. 3   €399.00

B+2 | Base + 2 Satellites

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1 Base + 2 Satellites

System Pack 3

Multi-room System Pack 3 is the standard bundle - perfect for those who wants speaker system functional in 3 areas of their house.


System Pack 4

This bundle can be upgraded to a customized System Pack 4 if one more Satellites will be added later. 

System Pack 5

This bundle can be upgraded to a customized System Pack 5 if two more Satellites will be added later.